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Club Croc and BBT is for all levels of triathlete from beginners to expert.

If you can't make the BBT session regularity or you don't live in Brisbane you can still get the benefit of Brad's experience as both a champion triathlete and coach.

Brad's online programs are personally tailored and available "on line". They are designed with your input to your specific goals, background and capacity/ commitments and include detailed descriptions of sessions and photos and videos of specific activities (e.g. stretching).

Three options are available for "on line" programs

Program for BBT squad athletes

This option is best suited to those that attend BBT sessions at least once per week but also want a structured training program in addition to their BBT sessions. The cost is $20 per week in addition to the squad pass of $110 per month or $200 for a 20 session pass.

Program with access to Brad Beven

This includes a personally tailored training program and training calendar (showing training periodisation etc) with regular and ongoing feedback from Brad. Cost is $35 per week.

Program on a budget

This is a simlar to the "program with access to Brad Beven" but with only occasional (about once per fortnight) feedback from Brad. The cost is $30 per week.

For more details or to request a program from Brad please contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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